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Перед вами аудиокнига
авторских уроков по учебнику 
Верещагиной для 5 класса (часть 1)
Все озвученные уроки доступны бесплатно 
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Тема: Personal Identification

Подтемы: family, name, address, telephone number, character, appearance, likes and dislikes, date and place of bitrh, age, occupation.

Новые слова: baker, butcher, grocer, greengrocer, nurse, salesman, sectretary, typist, occupation, job, married (to).

Текст: "A friendly family"

Грамматика: present, past, future indefinite (+ - ?); have - have got (+ - ?); Mr Mrs Miss Ms + Surname; What's your job? = What do you do?

Song "When I was a soldier", аудиокурс верещагина афанасьева запись 3.

Listening Compehension Lesson, Text "Tom's Dream", верещагина 5 класс аудиокурс диск 6

Home reading Lesson 1, text "A Clever Salesman".


Тема: Daily life

Подтемы: home (at home), house, rooms, modern conviniences, furniture, at school, 

Новые слова: electricity, gas, central heating, cold and hot running water, to turn on / to turn off, to be on / to be off, modern conviniences, washing machine, vacuum cleaner.

Текст: "Peter's Holiday"

Грамматика: present continuous be + Ving (+ - ?), present indefinite V / Vs )+ - ?), the verb that are not usually used in the present continuous tense: like, love, want, understand, hear, see, notice, feel, remember, recognize, wish, know, forget, seem, believe, hate. 

Song "Old Horace", аудиокурс верещагиной запись 9.

Listening Compehension Lesson, Text "It is impotant to know a foreign language", верещагина аудиокурс 5 класс слушать 10

Home reading Lesson 2, text "Whose favourit rooms are they?


Тема: Free time

Подтемы: hobbies and interests; radio and TV; museums, exhibitions; sports, cinema, theatre, concerts.

Новые слова: flute, violin, piano, guitar, exhibition, to paint, painting, folk, circus, sculpture, go in for (sports)

Текст: "Whatever happened to Uncke Oscar?" part I

Грамматика: past indefinite; Wh-questions; to play the piano (violin, flute, guitar), to play tennis (football); Who-questions; What’s on at the cinema?

Song "The circus clown", верещагина  английский скачать аудиокурс 5 класс запись 13.

Listening Compehension Lesson, Text "The British Museum", аудиокурс английского языка верещагина слушать номер 15

Home reading Lesson 3, text "Whatever happened to Uncke Oscar?" part II


Тема: Travelling

Подтемы: seasons, nature, arrival, departue, luggage, transport, moving about the city, hotels

Новые слова: arrival, departure, to check in, check-in, customs, customs officer, to book, booking office, fare

Текст: "My friend is an alien"

Грамматика: present perfect

Song "Rules and Regulations", аудио к верещагиной 5 класс  запись 18.

Listening Compehension Lesson, Text "Denis Cook is travelling", аудиокурс к учебнику английского языка верещагина слушать номер 20

Home reading Lesson 4, text "A letter from Yaroslavl" 

Теги: И.Н. Верещагина, О.В.Афанасьева 5 класс 1 часть 4 урок. Тексты аудирование английский верещагина 5 класс. Imagine that you are talking to Mr Smith who travelled to India by plane last year. Ask him  questions about his journey. Гдз по английскому языку верещагина притыкина 5 класс Use the text of ex. 5 as a model and tell the class a few words about somebody's journey. Гдз 5 класс верещагина с переводом текста аудио Look at the list of things to do and say what Susan has already done and what she hasn't done yet. Аудио 16 верещагина 5 класс урок 4 слушать онлайн. Верещагина 5 класс книга для учителя Look at picture 1-7. What is happening in each of them? Where is the action taking place? Слушать аудио 17 английский язык 5 класс верещагина онлайн Listen to the dialogue and say for how long Mrs Brown is going to stay, what kind of room she wants and why she is interested in the car park. Песня Rules and Regulations 5 класс верещагина перевод и слушать Listen to the song "Rules and Regulations". My friend is an alien перевод текста и послушать аудио 19 верещагина 5 класс текст Верещагина 5 книга для родителей Imagine that you are Mr Kirk. You want to show Zardak London. Where will you take him? What are you going to tell him about these places? Do you like travelling? Why? Let's talk about it. Верещагина 5 класс книга для родителей Denis Cook Is Travelling аудио 20 к уроку 4 слушать онлайн читать перевод Listen to the text "Denis Cook Is Travelling" and choose the right answer to each question. Do you like travelling? Give your reasons. ​Denis Cook Is Traveling аудио 20 афанасьева Слушай топик my last trip аудио 5 класс верещагина Describe your last trip (journey, voyage, tour). Don't forget to write a few words about the weather at the time. Ask your parents to help you with some ideas. Верещагина 5 класс reader скачать pdf или читать и слушать текст A letter from Yaroslavl онлайн Home reading Lesson 4, text "A letter from Yaroslavl"

Тема: So many contries, so many customs (Russia, Britain, the USA)

Подтемы: history, main cities, symbols, famous people

Новые слова: caviar, custom, honey, hope, pancake, sour cream, science, scientist, scientific, village, space, spaceship

Текст: “More about British and Russian Traditions”

Стихтворение poem “A Question”


1) future indefinite shall /will+V (+ - ? Wh-questions)

2) to be going to (+ - ?)

3) present continuous to express planned future: ’'m travelling to Rome tomorrow.

Song "Rules and Regulations"

Listening Comprehension Lesson, text “Blue Jeans”
Home Reading Lesson 5, text “Special Days”

Home Reading Lesson 6, text “The Hot Dog”

Теги: И.Н. Верещагина, О.В.Афанасьева 5 класс 1 часть 5 урок. Просвещение аудиокурс верещагина 5 класс. Верещагина 5 класс учебник онлайн Name at least five places in Moscow, in London, in Washington or New York.  Учебник верещагина 5 класс We hope you remember such places of interest in London as: Trafalgar Square, the British Museum. Английский язык 5 класс учебник ответы верещагина Do you remember the Russian and the American national flags? верещагина английский язык 5 класс скачать бесплатно Do you remember aby facts about the Russian, American and British history? students book 5 класс ответы верещагина. Верещагина аудиокурс 5 класс аудио 21 слушать онлайн Look at the portraits of the Russian, English and American people and say what you can about them. Стихотворение A Question слушать верещагина 5 класс запись 22. Текст "Every nation and every country has its own traditions and customs" читать перевод и слушать. Верещагина афанасьева 5 класс часть 1 упражнение 23 You have found a few new facts about Russian and English traditions in the text (ex. 20). What other customs, traditions and holidays in these countries do you remember? гдз английский 5 верещагина афанасьева Say a few words about the history and main cities in one of these countries - Russia, Britain, the USA. Английский язык 5 класс верещагина афанасьева What Russian, British and American symbols do you remember? Tell your friend, who is interested in these countries, everything you can. Английский язык 5 класс афанасьева верещагина We are not sure your classmates know much about famous people of different countries. Ask them questions to find out. Послушать онлайн текст Blue Jeans запись 23  и читать перевод Ридер 5 класс перевод текстов верещагина

Тема: The world around us

Новые слова: curious, to explore, explorer, exploration, to set (set, set), to rise (rose, risen), to continue, to separate, nation, national, nationality


1) Adj +-th=N

warm +-th= warmth — long +-th =leayth
2) used to (+ ~?)
3) conversational formulas: on meeting
song “The Beauty of the World”, part I, 25

Текст: “Continents and Countries”

Listening Comprehension Lesson, text “Things Used to Be Different Many Years Ago” 27
Home Reading Lesson 7, text “Between the Sun and the Earth”

Английский язык 5 класс верещагина афанасьева 1 часть 6 урок The world around us. Курс английского 5 класс афанасьева. Describe your favourite season for your classmates to guess. Книга для учителя 5 верещагина афанасьева. What people usually say when they meet each other. Аудиозапись 24 к учебнику верещагина 5 класс аудиокурс. Книга для родителей 5 класс Make the sentences complete using continue, curious, rise, set, explore, separate, nationality. Афанасьева верещагина книга для учителя скачать правило used to. Гдз по английскому языку 5 верещагина афанасьева Mr Brown is rather poor now. But when he was young he usedbe rich and famous. The beauty of the world песня для детей учебник верещаигна 5 класс слушать запись 25 издательство просвещение верещагина аудиокурс скачать Listen to the song "The Beauty’ of the World", part I Нажимай слушать запись 26 диалог верещагина 5 класс урок 6 упражнение 16. Гдз по английскому языку 5 класс верещагина Текст Continents and Countries читать перевод и слушать онлайн Верещагина афанасьева книга для учителя Look through the Reference Material and name: 3 countries in Europe, 2 countries in Asia, 2 countries in America. What are their capitals? Find their national flags and say what their colours are. Could you give the name of the continent which is almost the same as the name of the country situated on it? What language do people speak there? What is its capital? Find its national flag and describe it. What languages do people who live in Canada speak? What is the capital of Canada? What are the colours of the Canadian national flag? Гдз по английскому языку 5класс верещагина Imagine that you’re at an international conference. Say what your name (nationality) is, where you are from and what language you speak. Tell the class what new information about the Earth Things Used to Be Different Many Years Ago трек 27 5 класс верещагина слушать For those who like to travel English reader 5 класс верещагина перевод текстов Home reading lesson 2, text "Whose favourite rooms are they?"

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